Unfinished drawings and doodles.

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I had been musing with the idea of getting a tattoo for awhile. Not satisfied with just anything, I decided to try and design something significant to myself.

The celestial moon motif is one I'm obsessed with, as one could easily tell upon entering my apartment! The flower is a Stargazer Lily, my favorite kind due to both it's name and it's scent. On the moon is another design of mine, the StarReader symbol for the universe.

To date, I haven't done more than draw it. ^^;

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Watching Television

This is just me playing around with character designs. These two are Rama and Rasa, brother and sister who's role in the story tends toward the comedic. The remainder of the scene that goes with this image involves the Strangers from the film Dark City and Kilngons. The argument being that had Kilngons the ability to Tune -- as the Strangers did -- it would result in "three quarters of the universe being converted to Blood Wine".

Obviously, the two spend far too much in geekery

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I couldn't write software this evening, I effectively burned myself out. So, instead, I decided to draw for a while.

I was somewhat surprised when I found myself not only drawing Novella, but all three of the main characters in the same image: From left to right, Akisa, Novella, Miki.

The image is, unfinished. But I haven't finished a single piece of artwork in the last four months now.

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Akisa Listening

An (almost) complete sketch of Akisa listening in to her minidisc player. I wanted to draw her listening to her music, which is somewhat an addicition for the character. The expression, however, is a bit atypical for her. It's almost as if she were caught off guard.

The big feature of this sketch is the background. I've never put so much work into one, and never with as much success as well.

The only thing it lacks before inking is a little touchup with a woodless graphite, and the conents of the panel/window in the center left.

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"Is that all it takes?"

Miki is in fact, one of the more normal characters in my story "Novella: College Journal Manga" (of which Akisa is a part). After thinking of a few scenes at work, I decided to draw her pondering what it was like to have suicidal depression.

"Is that all it takes?" she says, with nothing but her toes holding her back.

The physics of this drawing at a little wierd. The posture doesn't quite balance out the way that it should. However, it seems to look normal enough to pass.


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