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Longer to write than to live

[there's some references at the end of this journal post because school and I felt like practicing]

Lasering this morning. Daring to hope I might be done after this round, in half a year. That would not be too long a time. Little bit frustrating that I took up a desire and occasional accomplishment of morning walks right around when I am experienced a laser-induced need to avoid UV exposure, so I look forward to the banishing of one of those duelling tensions.

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I should definitely make new boots a priority. Only had these ones not quite 2 years, but got a blister on my toe after just four hours of mostly seated work and 90 minutes (total) driving today and been getting lesions on my heels for probably a few months now. Seems clear that however nice they were to begin with these boots are now doing my feet more harm than good.

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Came home to find my family had bought a new set of cat-frighteners. A cordless vacuum cleaner, an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, and what I think is some sort of electric broom.

I don't know how they can afford these, or whether this is wise, but there you go.

Edit: On closer inspection, I believer what I referred to as an 'electric broom' is actually a steam mop.

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This could be any post

Tired. Any work day is wasted so far as trying to get school stuff or any other project done (such as putting together a job application, which is the other thing I should be doing this week). Frustrating, even when it's so brief as this evening's was I'm pretty useless for applying focus to anything that isn't decompressing.

I think the most disappointing part is, as quiet as the library was tonight, I can't even honestly say I helped anyone. Books got put away, maybe that's something.

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It was called "Mother's Little Helper on the Couch"

A thing I just saw reminded me of an interview I listened to [there is a transcript available at the link] on All in the Mind a couple of days ago. They were talking to a psychiatrist / historian who had done research into gender and mental health. Apparently, a study he conducted had shown a shift in how our society conceptualised depression from the 1980s onward.

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What I have been silent on, for lack of a time to post

Suspecting I don't fit with any sort of conscious queerness. Too mainstream of a person mayhaps, or some other thing doesn't fit.
Don't like the feeling that I ought to do the same sort of celebratoryness that I see others do. If I tell myself that, it is like telling myself I am an incomplete person without religion?

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Sorry about all the reading journal spam. I just wanted to clear out the backlog of things I hadn't crossposted from Tumblr and get it out of the way so I could disentangle from that site. Is all down now. Should be all back to the usual sluggish posting pace henceforth.

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Book Dragon is Reading - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Act 11 – Reunion, Endymion

In the previous chapter and this, there has been a lot of using a drawing of a bunny as shorthand for character’s referring to Usagi. First noticed around when they were on the Moon and, I think it was Sailor Venus, joked about her being a real moon bunny. I’d known for a long while her name was a reference to the moon rabbit, but had not expected her to be depicted so directly with one.

I pretty much always find mind control plots distressing.

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Book Dragon is Reading - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Act 10 – Moon

I’m having increasing difficulty recognising where are the boundaries between these chapters.

Tuxedo Mask / Endymion captured, a portion of the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal absorbed into his body. Surely the stage is set for a bold and dramatic rescue of not only our heroine’s love, but also the aspect of that which she guards that is contained within him.


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