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New Oscilloscope

Since I was very small, I wanted an oscilloscope.

As a child in the 80s, this was a nearly impossible want. New ones were unthinkably expensive, while used ones were rare in working condition. I eventually did get my then tiny hands on a clunky, heavy, rack mounted unit with a screen the same color as Thai iced tea. It never worked, of course, but I didn't figure that out until years later. Eventually, it ended up in the bin with a lot of my childhood things.

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DCI Banks and the Case of the Catastrophic Emotional Errors

[This post is talking about the DCI Banks episode "Friend of the Devil" and anyone reading who wants to avoid spoilers for that story would be advised to avoid reading this post. Also, the subject of the crimes is mostly violent rape and murder.]

Last night I watched an episode of DCI Banks which struck me as very pro-police. I mean, you could probably safely assume that any mystery series in which the protagonists are police who solve crimes is going to be pro-police but in this case it seemed quite thematic in favour of police handling crime and against vigilantism.

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This week's theme is plumbing

  • Dishwasher not cleaning – Mitigated. Water wasn’t hot enough led to a build up of nasty and a partial trap clog.
  • Kitchen sink sprayer leaking – Replaced. Original one that came with tap always had a dodgy connection.
  • Bathtub mystery leaking – Failed section of tub caulk replaced. Good to know I can pull that off now. The water damage to the floor remains and has always been a known problem in this house.
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Docker Circular Import Hell

Lately I've been stuck on a particular problem with my Docker container projects. Generally, I need three containers to run Drupal: A web server container, a database container, and a container to host any CLI tools. The latter isn't necessary, but it's very, very useful when working with Drupal core and module code.

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[Wrote this on Wednesday; some additions before posting Friday due to the passage of time]

I think I must have mentioned the acquisition of fragmentary older archives of SETI Radio (now Are We Alone?) previously because memory says I have written of starting the podcast listening over again and going through an initial set of Planetary Radio alone.

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Lost Time

[Wrote this on Wednesday; posting now on Friday]

Last week finally finished my placement so now theoretically have a bit more time for living in. In truth of course I am rather bad at that. Too easy to let time-passers from when I cannot do much else filter into the spaces when I could be making more use of myself


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