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Tomato Soup of Doom

Aside from cringing in pain for several hours this afternoon, I haven't done much that I consider "useful" today. Thankfully, the Tomato Soup of Doom seems on it's way out of my system now. (Note to self: Never use soy milk in condensed tomato soup -- at least the "Healthy Request" kind.)

Earlier today I did manage to get out of the apartment and work on Novella for a few hours. I'm trying to make a habit of traveling to a coffee shop and working on the outline over a Caramel Cooler. Drink bad, writing good. I figure the two ultimately cancel each other out.

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Gardens in Portland

Chinese Classical Gardens

Tower of Cosmic Reflections

The upper floor was where the unmarried women of the family were cloistered. In Chinese society, it is improper for a lady to be seen, unmarried women especially. Now this building serves as the garden's tea house.

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City of Light; Goddess of Water

Santa Monica Pier at Night

My feet were wet. The cold water of the Pacific numbed them as I felt the sand beneath my nylon ensconced toes give way as the waves came and went. I had never seen the ocean. I had stood along the shores of Lake Superior before, gazing out at the onyx waves and gray of the Midwestern sky. This, however, wasn't Duluth, Minnesota.

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Originally, NieA was called "Endohana Spings". She was dual booted with Windows 98 SP2 and Mandriva Linux. I named each after a character in the anime NieA_7 ("NieA Under Seven"). Windows was the formal although stressed Mayuko, and Linux was the eccentric NieA.

Eventually, I came to use Linux as a primary OS and dropped the name Mayuko.


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