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In about a week, Revision 5 Novella Outline is going to be released. Normally, I would be excited. Or, at least, I'd expect to be excited. When the release date for Revision 4 drew near some months ago, I could barely contain myself. I may have been tired and exhausted, but I knew I was producing more for the story than every has been produced. But this week and this revision, I feel disappointed, even uninterested.

You see, I haven't worked on the outline for almost two weeks.

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Clerks II

Put simply, Clerks II is a cesspool of moviedom, and I want more.

It's 5 years after the events in the classic Clerks, and we hope that Dante (at least) has moved on with his life. You would have thought all that rhetoric about "shit or get off the pot" would have come to something, right? If so, please write "optimist" in black sharpie on your forehead. Dante is still working at the quickstop, and it's time to open.

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And Zathas said, "Time? There is infinate Time."

Sometimes I honestly don't know what I'm doing withNovella anymore.

It seems since I posted the Revision 4 Outline sometime last month, I've been at a lost with the whole project. In the last revision, I had clearly defined goals I felt I could fulfill. I was to reformat the outline into a clearly defined sections, breaking up the 13 page list that predominated the previous revision. I added Character Bios so that I could finalize details like height and eye color. And finally, I spend a great deal of time expanding the first chapter with a detailed plot.

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So, here's the plan:

With all the attention I've been giving to setting up Drupal and tessflynn.net, I haven't had much time to work on Novella. In fact, the time I had given myself to put up the site has bled over from three days to a week. As a result, I'm now short a week for working on the story.

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Tomato Soup of Doom

Aside from cringing in pain for several hours this afternoon, I haven't done much that I consider "useful" today. Thankfully, the Tomato Soup of Doom seems on it's way out of my system now. (Note to self: Never use soy milk in condensed tomato soup -- at least the "Healthy Request" kind.)

Earlier today I did manage to get out of the apartment and work on Novella for a few hours. I'm trying to make a habit of traveling to a coffee shop and working on the outline over a Caramel Cooler. Drink bad, writing good. I figure the two ultimately cancel each other out.


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