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[Pazi] Starreader Dreams

Starreader dream last night.

Myself (cast for this dream as a young cis woman, indeterminate age, skinny with darker hair, skin more evenly tanned from a lifetime of winters and summers spent outdoors) and the family (a bunch of people I have not met in real life; a few were parts of the tribe we weren't related to) were walking into a city from the outskirts. It had been a long trip; we usually lived many hundreds of kilometers away in the wilderness.

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Senyɑlesh Kapuyɑnei: A Guide to the StarReader language

"Senyɑlesh Kapuyɑnei" means "Star-Reader Language", and is poorly-known. Only a few codices representing older forms exist, and the culture is not well-remembered in its world. Very few people are aware of the language or the history of the StarReader people, and of those few who are, many consider it to be an elaborate hoax. There is virtually no academic recognition that Senyɑlesh Kapuyɑnei even exists.

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Star Reader dev chat

me: I'm seeing something not unlike Spice and Wolf -- sort of Renaissance, but it's a different renaissance, on a different Earth.
Tess: (Wow, thanks brain. I really needed to imagine a live-action parcour/drinking game called "Keggle".)
me: XD
Sent at 12:44 on Tuesday
me: I'm thinking that the civilization behind the Starreader codices is very old and widely-dispersed.
Sent at 12:46 on Tuesday
Tess: Oh, it is. There's supposed to be a story in Tre'ana's book called "The Clash of Skies" which talks about how that came about.

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Dreams and Stories

In my last fitful moments of sleep, the brain conjured up scenes from a Starreader animated production...

*The Starreader theme plays: a soft and bittersweet melody of long notes from the flute, equal parts Eastern and Western, accompanied softly by a string section*

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StarReader Universe Symbol

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about commissioning a new necklace using the StarReader Universe symbol. When she asked which one that was, I set out to the 'net to find a reference image.

To my surprise, I couldn't find one. Since I was at a restaurant, I didn't have access to my files in order to show her. At last night, I was too exhausted from traveling from Boston to Minneapolis to find the image.

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Clairissa is Tre'ana's closest friend, and works with her at their clinic. Clairissa is more pragmatic than Tre'ana. While she's been taught a lot about Tre'ana's religion, she still remains skeptical. She often worries about Tre'ana's selfless ways and how they may get them both into trouble.

Clairissa is wearing a StarReader Priestess robe -- which is really just the part in blue. The embroidery is a stylized StarReader context symbol. 

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The beginning and end...of the starreader website. I created it as a teaser, but the site never got past that point. The symbol in the center is of the StarReader Universe symbol. The story is the StarReader creation myth.

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The Princess' Tiara

Tre'ana is a follower of a nearly extinct religion. She was taught in its ways by grandmother, as her mother despised it. The actual name of the religion is unknown as the spoken language has been lost. The written language remains in the form of a holy book, passed on to Tre'ana by her grandmother.


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