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An old image I created sometime after watching Haibane Renmei for the first time years ago. She never really had a name, although one suggested "Venus". Somehow, it still seems appropriate.

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Noise and Nostalgia

A small cacophony emanates from behind my laptop monitor. The cheap speakers muffle the sound of some song by The Dillinger Escape Plan. I try to ignore it, but that only seems to magnify the noise. Noise in front of me, noise within me, I think wryly.

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Critical Limit #1

Some weeks ago, I decided to change my exercise regimen (again). Until that point, I had been focusing purely on strength. In the process I managed to max out two bikes, and one magnetic trainer. When I was on top of it, it didn't seem enough resistance. This left me with a frustrating problem however.

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French and Japanese

I'm not one of these people who posts reviews often. Mostly I've come to keep my opinions about consumable media quiet. I think part of this is that I had very few allies who liked the same things that I did. Everyone else seemed quick to make fun of me for this reason. When I first got into anime, I always had to explain it to people that "Yes, it is animated, but it's not a cartoon. It's not something for kids just because it's drawn rather than acted." Roughly the same time I was big into electronica, and was mocked for my "videogame music". After a while, I just stopped trying.


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